7 Things to Avoid After Laser Eye Surgery

It’s alarming that as much as LASIK provides a lasting solution to eye problems, some people still come out to say that they couldn’t see as clearly as they expect after laser eye surgery. 

So, what could be the cause? 

From an expert point of view, I have discovered that if someone continues to have impaired vision after laser eye surgery, it could either be that the surgeon is not competent enough to follow every due process for perfect cataract surgery or that the patient returns home to start indulging in several activities that can make the effect of the laser eye surgery null and worse still, damage the eyes further. 

7 Things to Avoid After Laser Eye Surgery

For the records, LASIK is a refractive surgery in which a surgeon uses laser technology to correct some imperfections in the patient’s cornea. As usual, laser eye surgery works wonders when it comes to improving vision imperfections, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism. 

During laser eye surgery, a seasoned LASIK surgeon will utilize a laser to make a thin flap in your cornea, after which he will pull it and vaporize the tissues away to reshape the cornea surface. When the cornea gets the proper shape, he will put the flap into its initial position to heal naturally. Though it can bring little downtime, laser eye surgery is quick and painless. 

If you have any of the above-listed refractive errors, the best thing to do is go for laser eye surgery. Howbeit, the healing of your eye problem does not end there. If you want to continue having a perfect balanced vision after laser eye surgery, you need to consciously avoid doing things when you return from the surgery center. 

Now, what are those things you need to avoid after laser eye surgery deliberately? Let’s go to unveil them one after the other.

1. Exercise and Sports 

7 Things to Avoid After Laser Eye Surgery

Of course, daily exercising is good for the body as it helps maintain physical balance and provides numerous mental, emotional, and social benefits. For that reason, you might feel obliged to dash out early in the morning and do some exercise after laser eye surgery. Well, as good as that may sound, I would like to break it to you that it might affect your eye healing process. 

It is not ideal for partaking in any strenuous activity at least a few weeks after you have done laser eye surgery. One of the reasons is that exercise and sport involve every part of your body, including your eyes. And, that might be too much for an eye that is just recovering from surgery. Exercise and sports also bring sweat which is also harmful to the eyes.

2. Swimming 

If there is an important warning to note after laser eye surgery, it is the fact that you should not allow your eyes to have contact with water. Water contains chlorine which can be harmful to your eyes, especially when just recovering from surgery. More so, if water gets into your eyes when your cornea is not perfectly healed, it can cause dry eyes, irritation, and even infection.

7 Things to Avoid After Laser Eye Surgery

In that light, you should avoid any activity that involves putting your eyes in the water. Hence you might need to avoid stepping into swimming pools, saunas, hot tubs, and other bodies of water such as rivers and lakes. Depending on how fast you are recovering, you need to keep yourself out of these areas for at least two weeks or more after the surgery.  

3. Makeover

7 Things to Avoid After Laser Eye Surgery

Not many women would like this point, but it is a bitter truth. Applying makeover to your face can be very dangerous for your eyes which are just recovering from surgery. So, you may have to stop using it for a few weeks after laser eye surgery. 

Make-up materials are always loaded with harmful bacteria, which might affect your cornea when it touches the eyes. I know you might believe in your makeup skills, thinking that you can apply it to your face without touching your eyes, but it is better to avoid it outrightly, at least for the moment, until your eyes heal. 

4. UV exposure 

UV exposure will always be harmful to your eyes, whether you are recovering from laser eye surgery or not. That means going out on a sunny day is not an option for you if you have your eyes to recover quickly from the surgery. 

7 Things to Avoid After Laser Eye Surgery

Ideally, an experienced surgeon will encourage you to stay indoors for a few weeks after laser eye surgery to ensure that you keep your eyes from VU rays that come directly from sunlight.

An excellent alternative to prevent your eyes while walking outdoor is to wear glasses. When you cover your eyes with high-quality sunglasses with 100% UV protection, you can confidently go outdoors without harming your eyes. Visit http://goldleafcaregivers.com/8-reasons-you-dont-need-laser-eye-surgery/ to read about 8 Reasons You Don’t Need Laser Eye Surgery.

5. Phone and Computer screens 

Of course, it is almost impossible to avoid working on your computer, reading messages on your smartphone, or even watching television in our everyday living. However, you need to avoid all that when your eyes are just recovering from laser eye surgery. The reason is simple. The different light wavelengths from the computer, smartphone, and television screens can damage even the healthiest eyes. And if that is true, how much damage do you think it can cause your eyes that are yet to recover to their initial healthy state? 

7 Things to Avoid After Laser Eye Surgery

6. Smoke and Dust

Smoke is a harmful contaminant that is dangerous to the eyes at any time. Hence, if you have just done laser eye surgery, it is ideal to avoid exposing your eyes to smoke, no matter how little. To aid in quick eye recovery, you need to avoid going to areas where smoke is inevitable. Dust is another harmful contaminant that can stop your eyes from recovering on time after laser eye surgery. learn more about the health effects of smoke on human health by clicking here.

7 Things to Avoid After Laser Eye Surgery

7. Tap water

Tap water can be suitable for drinking but not for your face. Using tap water to wash your eyes can be dangerous to your eyes. So, you need to avoid it after you have done LASIK surgery to help your eyes heal speedily.

7 Things to Avoid After Laser Eye Surgery

Avoid Crowded Places

During the current pandemic, now COVID is spreading at a very fast pace, after laser eye surgery you need extra care to stay away from crowded places, because you may not know who is infected by COVID, and if there is an utmost need for going in a public place, you should test yourself with rapid antigen test kits, these kits are easily available in the market for testing COVID, these kits are easy to use, you can order online these kits from online stores like https://clinicalsupplies.com.au/collections/rapid-antigen-tests

Final Words 

LASIK eye surgery provides a long-lasting solution to eye problems, but you need to know how to care for your eyes when you return from the surgery center. You can have a speedy recovery after laser eye surgery if you avoid the above-listed don’ts.